Blind Simulations with Boris

The World of Boris for Blackjack Blind Simulations

The Boris for Blackjack Software (Advanced, PBJ, PRO and PRO+ Editions) are capable of running what are known as "Blind Simulations" - high-speed simulation runs of various player mixes against the kinds of casino conditions we encounter in our live play.

I designed Boris' Blind-Simulation capability allowing us to run "what if" scenarious. Over the years I have run dozens of simulations, most of them the results unpublished. Because I have learned so much from this research, I decided it was time to rerun many of those simulations against Boris-2006 and present you with the results.


This web-section is a step towards the fulfillment of that goal.

--- Looking at Blackjack from the Casino's point-of-view - (Part I)



Stay Tuned for more "Blind Simulations with Boris"